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Walking by Faith

Winter winds blow a note to high for human ears to hear Yet the waves I see rising from the deep causes me no fear.

I feel not the wind that brushes through my black wool like hair Nor the water that seeks to place its ice cold salty wetness there.

Oh what is this wondrous thing I feel as I keep my pace Walking by Faith.

Buildings melt and trees burn - from its flowing heat Reshaping whole continents, this river of fire, yet touching not my feet.

Waves of heat, rising so high, pulling birds down from the sky

Mountains crumble, rocks fall and trees break in despair. I neither rise nor fall, as the rumbles grow near, and the earth shouts in fear.

There before me in the fading distance - is the prize I seek. To see His face - no the rumbling ground will not cause me to retreat.

What is this amazing thing that keeps on pulling and controlling me Walking by Faith.

It started when I couldn?t stand at all, through practice I learned how not to fall Yet fall I did and still fall I do, but nothing can keep me down.

For I say God forgive me, and He stands me up and carries me forth awhile.

So I will keep going and going, I will reach my goal of seeing His loving face You see that's the wonderful end of this mysterious thing, called Walking by Faith