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He is Praise

I know the Bible is a beautiful book.
If you are a Christian you will want to look.

God created earth.
He created man.
So please love God for you surely can.

God has a son; Jesus is His name.
He died for your sins and came back again.
God loves his son.
He loves us all.
We must love each other so we do not fall.
Help one another like the Bible says,
and then the world could be a better place.

Have faith in the Lord
and you will have faith in yourself.
You can trust in the Lord
He won't leave you on the shelf.

Seeing is believing; that's what people say.
Just trust in the Lord. Kneel down and pray.
Ask for what you want,
He will answer your prayer.
You don't have to see Him, but he is there.

Love from God is the most wonderful thing.
It gives you peace of mind and makes your heart sing.
Trust in the Lord for he is kind.
He gave you life when he died for you.
There is God the Father,
the Holy Spirit and Jesus the son.
They are a unity all in one.

The Holy Spirit lives within.
He helps you to pray and shows you your sin.
He helps us to live for Jesus each day.
We go to church and He shows us the way.

We sing to the Lord,
praises in the house of the Lord.
And when that day comes we will never be bored.
We can worship the Lord where we are,
because the Lord is never far.