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Why is it so hard to reach, so hard to actualize?
Why can insanity not be breached and joy realized?

Is it always meant to be, one mind so all alone
Reaching out through eternity, to find a kindred mind and home.

The anger of a world gone mad barely echo's in the heart of a man,
Where constant thought is given to someone who loves to give it back.

For we were made not one but two to live and breath and walk,
And in the two we find that one becomes our kindred thought.

Panic and desperation melt away when two live as one each day.
Stress and depression find no place to live,
when joy and peace in another seeks only to forgive.

Sanity is no stranger where love is open, free of danger.
Unbridled in its wanton lust, directed toward another such;
that in its day and in its time peace makes its home within.

Oh that God would give all men the ability to believe,
that living each day as two yet one is the way it was meant to be.

What kind sanity can there be when a mind originally made as two,
seeks to enjoy the thoughts of life a drift on a sea of blue.

Sanity can only mean one thing to anyone who has ever felt the pain,
of giving when there is no one to receive the thoughts that are very our being.
Yes man is sane when his soul is whole as it was created by God,
and his soul is whole when he receives back the half
which was removed at the start.

Larry B. Patrick