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The Bible

Being a Christian helps you love God.
By caring for people you show your love.

Understanding one another like the Lord above.
Don't worry and fear in the world we stand, the Lord is there with a helping hand.

Just reading your Bible an hour each day, will help you love God and pray each day.

There's Psalms, Proverbs and all sorts of things.
Taking it in will make your heart sing.

There's Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.
That's the story of Jesus His son.

You can talk to the Lord without any fear for He is listening with His ear.

God gave us a brain, He gave us sight so its down to us to use them right.

Feeling down is not God's work you know, its satan behaving just for show.

All God wants for us is to be true. Be honest and open in the things we do.

Be honest with God in the things we say, so don't let satan lead you astray.

Just flee from me satan, don't trouble me no more.
Because God is with me at my door.

So love God as He loves you, be honest and open, for ever true.

The Bible is a sacred book, so pick it up and have a look.