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Living waters

This poem was written on the plane back from Africa in May 1997.

Like polished brass reflects all light, It reflects all sight.

No image is as sharp and clear, even in the black of night.

No wind can force a wave to shore,
Its slick smooth surface no rock can stir,
It will absorb all shocks, every bounce, for it is alive, every ounce ...
Living Waters.

Flowing from the throne of God, Words to loud to hear.

Its depth some think below their feet,
until It rises well above their ear.

Quenching a thirst deep in the soul, a mind parched and dry.

Bringing refreshment to untold millions, giving life lest we die.

This Living Water which flows from God, to give new life to men.

The Alpha and Omega is It?s source, for It belongs to Him.

Its flow has never ceased to roll, yet men still die of thirst, Running as far as east to west, dying to find Its source.

But they will not find from whence It comes
nor whence this water flows.

For there are two secrets in the Living Water,
that to drink, one must know.

And what are these secrets you might inquire, that brings new life to men?

Just ask to drink ... And then stand still,
For the Water will find you, without your will.
And when you drink and your thirst is quenched,
a new life will begin ....

Larry B. Patrick