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Who failed?

Dear Lord I prayed as I made my request, and left it before His throne. In faith I waited expectantly and my spirit jumped for joy. But after one year, I began to think that something must be wrong. Yet, my prayer I still placed before His throne, as my spirit began to groan - Who failed?

I studied His word, I searched and searched and found answers I knew not to what. Until questions came and laid their claim to and answer gathering dust.

But the answer to the question that started it all, seemed no where to be found. The question I had left at His throne as a prayer, for years it just lay around .....
Who failed?

Ten years ago today my memoirs say I laid a prayer at His throne.
And though I?ve fasted and cried, groaned and moaned, no answer has found its way home. All my faith was lost, for no God could refuse, a prayer so noble and pure.
So I walked without God, at least I thought,
because the God I love had forgot....
Who failed?

But then one day to my surprise, my answer came home, larger than the sky I fell on my knees, tears in my eyes, asking Him for a reason why, Why it took so long, for this
prayer to reach home; From the throne where I left it ever so long.....
Who failed?

And then these word I began to hear, words with love in my inner ear. My son it was not you, who prayed this prayer, But I in you, led you there.

And when I began to answer, you kept taking it back, working with hands that were not slack But your hands are not Mine, you could not achieve,the answer to My prayer as it was meant to be.
So I let you work, until you tired of trying, then I answered with love, ten fold for your crying So remember My son, when you pray in My Spirit It is Me within you praying, and I have no limits......
Who failed?

Larry B. Patrick