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Critics of Revival

I would first like to offer a word of encouragement to those of you out there that have been surfing through the web and have come across "the critics" of revival.

There are many people that unfortunately focus on what they see on the outside and judge from there, instead of looking on the heart like Christ does.

I did read an article that someone claimed they had become demon-possessed at Brownsville. This person claimed that they tested this "demon" by putting seculiar music on the radio and it made them dance "sexy."

First of all if you are filled with the Holy Spirit there is no room for a demon inside you. Yes a demon can hinder or oppresse you but it's not gonna worship God. Second, we blame too much on satan when it's our own evil desires that we are tempted by.

When I was a teeanager I fell away from the Lord and I opened myself up to things I shouldn't have - meaning satanic. I was then hindered by a demon. This demon would come and go. Whenever I would set foot in church it would leave because the word of God says "submit to God and resist the devil and he will flee from you."

Finally, the next summer I attended a youth camp and I began to worship God and call out to Jesus. Instantly, I fell down and a loud scream came from me, that wasn't me. To make a long story short they cast this demon away from me and told me that I had to change my lifestyle or it would come back worse. I change it.

Let me tell you that if you are choosing to not be a doer of God's word and you are living a lukewarm life, opening yourself up to evil - even if you just hang around with people that are into witchcraft and you open yourself up to them, you are opening yourself up to satan.

But if you are a doer of God's word, you are worshiping Jesus and you are seeking his face as a child of God you cannot get possessed. There is authority in Jesus. 1 John 5:18 says That we are born of God and evil cannot touch us." Therefore, I believe it to be impossible to be touched by evil if you are born of God.

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