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Nearly Missed the Rapture

I was born in London but grew up in Brentwood, just on the outskirts of London. Both my parents were of African decent. When I was about eleven years old my parents decided that it was time we returned to Africa, Nigeria to be precise.

Due to no fault of mine I soon found myself in a boarding school. Several of the students were quite zealous about their Christian faith and used every opportunity to share it with people like me that were not really interested.

One of the regular features of the unsolicited sermons hurled at us was the rapture "one day Jesus will take all those that serve Him faithfully away, and the rest of you miserable lot will face the wrath of an antichrist" was a statements frequently repeated.

Somehow I knew God loved and cared for me. All their talk about Jesus seemed to make sense, but life was far too interesting to get involved in anything religious.

One late evening as I slept on my bed, skipping from an evening study period, I was abruptly awakened by a thunder storm. This caused an electricity failure.

On awaking the thought which immediately came to my mind was "The rapture". For some reason I feared that the rapture has happened. I had been left behind !. In my panic I jumped up from my bed and ran outside. All I saw we repeople I was sure would never have gone with the rapture.

To make sure whether the rapture had not taken place, I had to find a bona fide Christian. Of course all the Christians had faithfully gone for the evening study period.This meant I couldn't see any around. This further confirmed my suspicions that the rapture had occurred.

I eventually did locate one chap, who occasionally, not unlike myself, did attend the Christian fellowship. I considered it a bit too risky to put my confidence in him. Chances were he had missed the rapture too.

By now I was beginning to conclude that I had missed the rapture. There was only one sure way of finding out.- A trip down to the evening study I had been avoiding, and try to locate the "bona fides Christians"

On arriving there I soon located two leaders of the Christian fellowship. I knew Jesus would not leave them behind. I relaxed.

Shortly after this incident I became a Christian myself. Since then I have slept peacefully through thunder storms and lightening. Jesus will not leave me behind.

What about you?