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Sacrifice at calvary

Jesus was a man born to die,
Eons ago it was ordained on high.
To become one of us was His mission,
From God to man, a divine transition.

He was fully God but fully man,
And He left His throne for the Father's plan.
Feel what He felt in the garden alone;
He agonized in prayer and He began to groan.

He sweated drops of blood, could he endure?
There was great suffering for one so pure.
He wanted His father's will, not a crown
So die, He must; for in sin , all were bound.

They whipped Him with a cat-of-nine tails, tore opem His back;
That day in history was black, so black.
Strugling under the cross, the heavy weight,
He was so tired and in such a weakened state.

Finally, He was relieved by one.
The man was unaware it was God's dear son.
No one ever loved like this man;
Hanging there bleeding, from God's presence banned.

He never did one thing wrong;
He just loved and He loved so strong.
He was tortured beyond all belief,
Not once was was there relief.

There were those who wept that day,
And some felt terrified and began to pray.
Darkness came and covered the earth,
While soldiers mocked His Kingly worth.

"Father, forgive them, they know not what they do."
Down through the ages I hear it too.
Oh, the torture as our filthy sins were laid on Him,
But worse would come in this scene so grim.

Such racking pain and agony of soul
In Jesus poor body was taking it's toll.
My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?"
The demons hovered there in glee.

When all looked hopeless and there was doubt,
Jesus was victorious and let out a shout!
It is finished!
All through the land the sky turned dark,
Our loving Saviour had left His mark.

The veil of the temple was rent in two,
And the tombs were opened and the dead in view.
The centurian was now able to see
That it was God's own Son who hung on the tree.

So they took His body to a rich man's grave,
Hewn out of a rock, a tiny cave.
On the third day the glad news came,
"He is risen," never to suffer shame.

He offers you heaven, eternal life,
Will you surrender that life of strife?
I caution you, do not turn Him away.
The hour is late, call on Him today.

Doris J. Niswonger