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How many lives have been shipwrecked
While inadvertantly playing with sin?
How many more will it take
To appease the god of sinful men?

Just a taste of drugs, come on, baby,
We?ll hit the high roads tonight,
There?s nothing going to stop us now.
Deception, in this way, he delights.

Satan, the evil god of this world
Has slithered into their minds,
Taking them any time he wants
To do his bidding, they?re quite blind.

He mocks them, tempting all the while
Until he?s got them in his trap,
Then he abandons their poor soul
Only later, to let them face the rap!

He?s shipwrecked many a poor soul
With his most flattering style,
If only they had eyes to see
And win over the Devil?s wile.

Christ beckons, pleads with them tenderly;
Will you turn Him aside and shun?
He waits patiently at your heart?s door.
Welcoming you home as a Son.

Doris J. Niswonger