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Published / updated: 02 August 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

Handle, money, tithes

1. Know your current financial condition.
What is your current income and how much do you spend each month?

Do you know the answer to this question or has it caught you unaware

The easy way to get into financial difficulty is to not know the answer to the above question.

2. Know where your money is going.
What do you spend your money on each week?
Do you have a good ideal?
Even the most 'sensible' spender often has no clue where thier money is going.

3. Decrease you expenses to match your income?
If you do not make a concious effort to accomplish this you will never do it.

With a little effort you will discover it is possible to live within your income. Ignore this fact, or just spend carefree, and you will soon find yourself in debt

4. Plan a monthly budget and keep to it?
Does that sound sensible? Then why do so few people do it?

Over 60% of people who get into debt do so because they never plan what they can reasonably spend. You don't have to write a budget down, but you shouls have an awareness of when you are over-spending.

5. Begin to give 10% and more
If you have not already started to tithe then start now.
Giving is not only part of our worhip to God but also a godly trait that blesses other people.

God has put enough wealth on this earth to sustain every human being on it. Yet the greed of human beings stops the wealth from being evenly distributed.

When you refuse to give to the work of God and other worthy needs around, you make an alliance with the greedy souls in this world.
God will hold you accountable.

6. Save regularly
Saving is a discipline that allows you to enjoy the work you do today, tomorrow. Do you save?