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| Author: Dele Oke

Evil thoughts in action - How to identify them

1. Worry - Matthew 6: 19 - 34
Worry is meditating on the negative. If you can meditate on the negative you can also meditate on the positive.

2. Fear - 2 Timothy 1:17
Unnecessary fear is a symptom of the demonic. Fear in our lives gives room to satan

3. Always expecting the worst

4. The merry go round mind
You allow satan to feed you thoughts like a person feeding crumbs to birds

5. Everybody hates me, nobody likes me attitude

6. I cannot pray and I can't read the word - stronghold

7. Double-minded 1 James 1: 2-6
This hinders your prayer life and walking in faith

8. Words that sow the seeds of death - always giving bad reports
Ephesians 4: 25 - 31

9. Broken relationships, homes, churches and society
e.g backbiting, gossiping, complaining

10. Evil thoughts bring 'mindsets' that have to be broken spiritually

11. Lustful thoughts
These are often the product of viewing or reading the wrong material. It is a huge problem.Yet they is a way to break its hold


Evil thoughts are the key weapon of satan. By their fruits you shall know them

How to break the hold of evil thoughts?