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Published / updated: 06 August 2006 | Author: Dele Oke

The way up is down

Luther and Zwingli are theologians who lived between the end of the 15th and the middle of the 16th century. These two individual's are among the many people who have contributed to our understanding of the scriptures today.

The following account in Zwingli's life provides us with a beautiful illustration of humility.

During the great Reformation in Europe, Luther and Zwingli found themselves at odds in their concern for the movements they were leading. Early one morning, Zwingli walked out on the mountains of Switzerland and a soul-stirring sight confronted him.

He saw two goats making their way over a narrow path on the mountain. One was ascending the trail, the other descending. He also noticed that they must pass at a point where the trail was so narrow that there was room for only one goat. He watched to see what would happen.

The animals rounded a turn in the path which brought them in full view of each other. They backed up, as though ready for a lunge, and then the most amazing thing happened. The goat on the trail below lay down in the path, while the goat above him walked over his back. The first animal then arose and continued his journey up the trail.

To Zwingli this meant that the way down is the way up. Christ humbled Himself so that men could walk over Him into the Kingdom of light, knowing that afterward He would be exalted.

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