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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 4 - questions for discussion


1. What was the main issue that upset the Sadducees in Peter and John's preaching? Acts 4:1-4

2. What did the Sadducees believe?
Mark 12:18; Luke 20:27; Matthew 22:23

3. Why is a belief in the death and resurrection of Christ so vital to our faith?

4. Is there salvation by any other way? Acts 4:12

5. Why did the rulers find it hard to suppress the Apostles message?
Acts 4:13-16, 19-22

6. What did the Apostles do on being released? Acts 4:23-31

7. Why should we spend as much time praying 'after an incidence' as before it?

8. What Psalm did they quote and what were the main points in their prayer?

9. How can we use the Bible in our prayer life?

10. Can you give any examples of how you have used the bible to aid your prayer life?

11. What was the immediate result of the prayers in Acts 4? Acts 4:31

12. What were the after affects of their prayers? Acts 4:32-36

13. What lessons have you learnt from this study that could aid your prayer life?