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| Author: Dele Oke


Israel is now a new nation. A people of God. After spending so many years in slavery they need to be told how to live. In Leviticus God gives them 5 offerings and 7 feasts they need to keep. He also gives them laws to live by.

The people of Israel are unique. All the nations around them serve ?many god?. They are the first nation to serve only ?one God?. Leviticus spells out what the people of Israel should do in order to maintain their relationship with God.

There are rules in God?s kingdom. Leviticus was all about God telling His people how to walk in fellowship with Him. Israel had to know the law of God; we need to understand the heart of God if we are to grow in our relationship with Him.

It is vital that we understand the right way to live. For example, anger, hatred and revenge taking will do more damage to you than your intended victim. Likewise entertaining sin in your life will invite the uproar that evil generates within a person. Be quick to forgive. Flee all that is ungodly. Guard jealously your intimacy with God.

Hold tight to the truth and never lose sight of it for one minute. Remember; there is a right and wrong way to live. Choose the former.