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| Author: Dele Oke

Meditating on John 17

Here are a few treasures that will aid you in doing some productive meditating on John 17.

Jesus prayed for the church in John 17. This prayer teaches us a lot about the heart of God for His children.

Take out your Bible and have a close look at John 17. Read it word for word.

Notice that these five blessings belong to all God's children

1. Eternal life - verse 2

2. The knowledge of the Father - verse 6-7

3. Christ is interceding on your behalf verse 9

4. Divine protection in the world - verse 11 - 12

5. Eternal glory (God's assurance of heaven) - verse 24

Find an hour or two to spend with the Lord in quiet today. Read John 17 and find out what Jesus has to say to you about the five blessings mentioned above.