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| Author: Dele Oke

Detective Stephen Oake

Detective Stephen Oake was stabbed to death on the 14 January 2003 during a counter-terrorist raid in Crumpsall, North Manchester.

Mr Stephen Oake was a Christian who attended a Baptist Church in Poynton, Cheshire.

He leaves behind a widow and three children.

With less than ten percent of United Kingdom's population attending church, it is quite astounding that the first victim of a terrorist event in the Country is a Bible believing Christian.

God would not want anyone to die from a terrorist attack. The enemy however would take much delight in eliminating someone who loves the Lord.
According to reports in one of the National daily papers, Stephen Oakes's widow, Lesley, addressed the audience during the memorial service on the 19 January and said

" I have had a most fantastic life with my husband and I don't have any regrets. "

" All I want to say on behalf of Steve is that God is real and in every marriage, for every husband and wife to tell each other every single day that they love each other. Because that is what we did, and it gives us no end of joy. "

I hope these words will speak into the hearts of all those reading this article.

How easy is it for us to disregard the things precious to us as we dash about our 'busy lives'.

Thank God that Stephen and Lesley took time to appreciate one another. The enemy might have dealt them a blow but he has not taken the joy they had nor the everlasting joy they both look forward too.

Are you getting your priorities right?

All the testimonies I read of Stephen Oake speak of a man who loved the Lord, his family and work. He took time to appreciate them all.

Stephen played the trumpet in his church on Sunday. He was also due to take his elder son, who is 15, to Old Trafford, to watch Manchester football club play against Chelsea. He is a man who also took pride in his job.

He has now gone to be with the Lord. His short life is over, cut short at 40 years.

Are you ready to meet the Lord? Do you give him the rightful place in your life? Do you appreciate the things he has blessed you with?

Our obedience in the small things of life is often the most important.

Why was his life cut short? We may never know this side of heaven.

No doubt there are numerous spiritual battles raging at the moment.

How often have you ignored the promptings of the Holy Spirit urging you to pray?

Sometimes God needs us to pray for other people.

Please don't neglect your prayer times.

And the next time you sense an urgency to pray please obey.

Your prayers might just save a life somewhere you know nothing about. Maybe we never will know the full impact of our prayers until you get to heaven.

Jesus was quite concerned about the prayerlessness of his disciples during his time of temptation and trial - Matthew 26: 37 - 42

Maybe that is because he fully understood the impact of their prayers

May His grace continue to keep us safe.