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| Author: Dele Oke

1 Samuel 3: Questions for Bible study discussion

Children grow fast.

We can only guess Samuel's age at this time. It's obvious he was not a baby. There is also the impression he had been living with Eli for a while.

The Lord called Samuel three times before he realised who was calling him. It took the elderly Eli to point him in the right direction. We can all learn from those who are older than us in the faith.

Notice how many times God had to call Samuel before Samuel could recognise the Lord's voice. Samuel lived in the Lord's house yet he did not know the Lord's voice.

Have you heard God speak to you before?
Would you recognise His voice?


1. What does it mean to minister to the Lord? 1 Samuel 3:1, Psalm 100

2. What were Eli and Samuel doing when God called Samuel?

3. Does God still speak to people when they sleep?

5. Can you give any examples?

6. How many times did God call Samuel before he could recognise hid voice?

7. Why do you think it took Samuel so long to recognise the Lord?

8. What do you think your reaction would be if you heard God calling your name?

9. Are you conscious of the fact that God knows you by name?

10. What other ways and times can God speak to us?

11. Can you summarise, in your own words, what God told Samuel?

12. Did what god tell Samuel come to pass? 1 Samuel 3:13-14, 1 Samuel 4: 10-18

13. What are the dangers of living in continuous disobedience to God's will?

14. Mention some of the things you have learnt from this study?