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| Author: Dele Oke

1 Samuel 8

Israel demands a King

Samuel was old and his children were going the way of Eli's children - having a total disregard for the will of God.

The nation of Israel had long envied the perceived freedom and culture of the heathen nations around them. Having a king to rule directly over them instead of God sounded like a good ideal.

The prospect of having Samuel's ungodly sons becoming their leaders must have increased their desire for a king.

Before we start to pour blame on Samuel's sons lets take a moment to ponder how our conduct has encouraged unbelievers around to believe in the living God.


1. What were the errors of Samuel's Sons?

2. How can we as Christians avoid falling into sin?

3. Is anyone immune from the temptation of sin?

4. What was the real reason for Israel's demand for a king and what was the excuse? (verse 5:19-20)

5. Is there ever a good reason to reject the Lordship of God?

6. What makes people reject God today?

7. Do you think Samuel's son actions contributed towards the behavior of Israel?

8. How do our actions and behavior affect the people us?

9. Do you think Samuel's sons were fully aware of the consequences of their actions?

10. What do you think God meant in verse 7-8?

11. Why did God bother to warn them of the consequences of their action in verse 9-19?

12. Mention some of the things you have learnt form this study?