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| Author: Dele Oke

1 Samuel 11: 1-15

Saul defeats the Ammonites

Nahash the Ammonite, leader of the Ammonites, comes up to one of the tribes of Israel, Jabesh, and tells them he wants to remove all their right eyes in return for entering into a covenant with them. Talk about looking for trouble.

Have you ever made a deal with the devil before? He never leaves you with much choice. It's not worth it.

The elders of Jabesh stall for time and tell the Ammonite to give them seven days while they seek help. Wise move. The over confident Ammonite gives them the time.

God's mercy made the Ammonites overconfident. What is God's mercy doing for you today?


1. What do you think made Nahash the Ammonite give such an outrageous condition for covenant with the tribe of Jabesh?

2. Have you ever been ask to make an 'outrageous compromise' before?

3. Where should we draw the line in making a compromise with the enemy?

4. Do you think the tribe would have agreed if the Ammonites had asked for their fingernails as a condition for entering into covenant?

5. Would you? (Reference question 4)

6. Why do you think the Ammonites allowed the Jabeshites the luxury of seven days before attacking them?

7. How can you explain the 'Spirit of God' coming upon Saul and him being 'very angry' at the same time? (Verse 6) Mark 11: 15-17

8. Have you ever had a godly anger?

9. How can we know the difference between 'godly anger' and 'carnal or selfish anger'?

10. What did Saul do to make the people rally to his battle cry? (Verse 7)

11. What does it mean to fear God? Proverbs 1:7

12. What tactic did Saul use to defeat he enemy?

13. What tactics can we use to defeat our enemy?

14. What was Saul's attitude to those Israelites who wanted to take revenge on their own brothers? (1 Samuel 10: 26 - 27 and 1 Samuel 11: 12-13)

15. How should we treat those people who offend us?

16. Mention two things you have learnt from this study?