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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts Chapter 9 - questions for discussion

1. What was Saul's occupation?
Acts 9:1-2

2. What did Jesus say to Paul at his conversion?
Acts 9:3-9, Acts 26:12-18

3. What did Jesus liken persecuting Christians to?
Acts 9:5

4. Why do you think Saul's conversion was so dramatic?
Acts 26:16-18, Acts 22:6-21

5. For how long was Paul blind after his conversion?
Acts 9:9

6. How did God speak to Ananias?
Acts 9:10

7. Does God still speak in this way today?

8. Have you ever had a vision?

9. How did Ananias minister to Saul?

10. As Christian and ministers, should we be open to receive ministry from other Christians?

11. When did Saul start preaching Christ?

12. When should we start telling others about Christ?

13. How did Saul escape the plot to kill him?
Acts 9:23-25

14. Who helped unite Saul with the other Apostles?
Acts 9:26-30

15. What other things came out of Saul's conversion?
Acts 9:3

16. What was the secret of Peter's power?
Acts 9:32-43

17. Do miracles like this still happen in the Church today?