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Eight tips for the long haul

Syvelle Phillips, who recently fulfilled 56 years in Christian ministry, shared some of his secrets for ?going the whole way?. Eight of them are listed below.

I am sure they will bless you as much as they did me.

  1. Stay focused on Christ and the mission He has assigned you.

  2. Do not look to other men or women for affirmation.

  3. Be slow to take offence.

  4. Remain constantly aware of the divine call and destiny for your life and ministry.

  5. Don?t go running after the latest spiritual trends or fads.

  6. Address all sin and bitterness in your personal life immediately.

  7. Apply the grace of God that you preach to others to yourself.

  8. Accept the forgiveness of God and do not be offended with God when you think He has failed you.

March 2005