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| Author: Dele Oke

How are you doing spiritually?

How are you doing spiritually?

The following questionnaire is designed as a self-assessment test of your spiritual health. Complete the questionnaire truthfully and it will act as a good gauge of how your spiritual life is progressing.

The questionnaire has to be printed off. It is a PDF document.

A link to the questionnaire is below. Following are a list of helpful hints to the questions.

1. Are you happy with what you are becoming?
Have you ever come across a bitter old man? Well, he did not become like that over night. What type of person are you becoming? Are you holding onto all the hurt and nastiness you meet along your journey in life or do you keep your heart pure? The choices we make determine the person we become. God has given you the grace to do the right thing. Are you doing it?

2. A religious person attends church regularly but never allows the teachings of the church to affect his or her life?

3. Others notice true spiritual growth. They cannot help but admire the gentle spirit, loving and unselfish person you are becoming.

4. Have you started acting like the people who hurt you?

5. The quality of the time you spend in prayer can be measured by your desire to pray more.

6. Do you hold onto grudges?

7. Are you aware of the things that displease God in your life?

8. Reading good Christian books, praying with other Christians, listening to audio or video (DVD or whatever), there must be some spiritual disciplines that appeal more to your personality. Are you taking advantages of it?

9. Do you still get excited in attending church? Or have you grown into a professional critic who only sees the worst in everything?

10. Do you really care for your other brothers and sisters in Christ? Do you entertain the saints?

11. Write down a list of all the people you have prayed for in the last month before answering this question.

12. Have you some ideal of how God uses you to bless other people?

Print the questionnaire here.