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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts chapter 17 - questions for discussion

  1. What was Pauls main preoccupation in the Synagogue?
    Acts 17: 1-4

  2. How serious should we take the teaching of God's word?

  3. What other reactions were aroused from Paul's preaching of the gospel?
    Acts 17: 5-9

  4. Is it normal for some people to get upset by the preaching of God's word?
    John 6: 60-66, Mark 6:1-6

  5. Have people ever got upset when you preached the gospel?

  6. What did the people mean when they said
    "These who have turned the world upside down".? Acts 17:6

  7. How can we turn our world "upside down"?

  8. What good qualities can you see in the Thessalonians?
    Acts 17:11

  9. How can we imitate these qualities?
    1 Timothy 4: 11-16, 2 Timothy 3:16-17

  10. What happened to those who studied the Word?
    Acts 17: 12

  11. What steps did satan take to attack them and how did this affect Paul?
    Acts 17:13-15

  12. What type of Christian will face persecution?
    2 Timothy 3: 10-14

  13. Persecution can take different forms. It can either be obvious and brutal
    (i.e. stoning and killing) or subtle and slow (making jest of and peer
    What type of persecution is common in your country?

  14. Do you recognise it as persecution ?

  15. Do you ask God for the strength to overcome it?

  16. What reaction did the Athens have to the gospel?
    Acts 17; 16-21

  17. Do we still face this type of reaction to the gospel in our society today?

  18. What can you learn from Paul's presentation of the gospel?
    Acts 17: 22-34