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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts chapter 21 - questions for discussion

  1. Explain what happened in Acts 21:4?
  2. How does the Holy Spirit speak through us?
    John 14:25-26.
  3. How important was prayer in the life of the early disciples?
    Acts 21:5
  4. What ministry was Philip involved in (or called to)?
    Acts 21:48
  5. Who is an evangelist ?
    Ephesians 4:9-12, Acts 8:39-40
  6. What gifts did Philip's daughter have?
    Acts 21:9
  7. Who are the gifts and calling of God for?
    Acts 2:14 -21, 1 Cor12:4-11
  8. What did the prophet Agabus tell Paul would happen to him at Jerusalem?
    Acts 21:11
  9. Did Agabus at anytime tell Paul not to go to Jerusalem?
  10. Has the Holy Spirit ever revealed to you something that is going to happen soon?
  11. How can we differentiate between?
    a) the Holy Spirit revealing to us something that is going to happen within God's will - hence we should accept it us and
    b) when the Holy Spirit reveals or warns us against something that is going to happen to us outside God's will - hence we can pray against it
  12. What was the response of the other disciples to the successful ministry of Paul?
    Acts 21:17-20
  13. What should be our response to the reports of other successful ministries/churches we hear about ? Romans 12:15
  14. Paul was mistook for a criminal - Acts 21:38
    Have you ever been misunderstood to be a trouble maker rather than a Christian ?
  15. How should we deal with such things ?