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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts chapter 23 - questions for discussion

  1. What does Acts 23:2-5 tell us about the character of Paul?
  2. Do we need to be perfect for God to use us?
  3. What wisdom did Paul apply to his speech ? Acts 23:6-10
  4. How did the Lord strengthen Paul ? Acts 23:11
  5. Does the Lord still strengthen us Christians this way today.
  6. what other ways does God use to strengthen us ?
  7. What danger did Jews in Acts 23:12 present to Paul ?
  8. How did God deliver Paul from their plot ? Acts 23:12-35
  9. Does Satan plot against Christians today ?
  10. Does God still deliver ?
  11. Can you give any testimonies of deliverance from Satan's plot.
  12. What do you think eventually happened to the Jews in Acts 23:12 ?