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| Author: Dele Oke

Acts chapter 28 - questions for discussion

Stranded on the island of Malta, the anointing and gifts in the life of Paul allow the glory of God to be demonstrated.

He eventually arrives at Rome where he immediately assembles the Jews and after appointing a day to address them, preaches the gospel to them.

Some believe others don't.
God gave Paul an open door at Rome and he freely preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. He fulfilled his purpose in going to Rome.

1. What protected Paul at malta?
2. Do we have the same protection over us today?


Church history tells us that Paul was eventually crucified in Rome during a massive persecution of the saints under Nero.

Paul's life is a testimony to the power of God. Never did the zeal or anointing for Christ wane in his life.

Right up to the very end of His ministry he was walking in the power of God with signs and wonders following him - Acts 28:5, Acts 28:9 and Acts 28:23-25.

He had favour with God and men (Acts 28: 30-31).

Paul was never cast down with sickness or depression.
Satan did come against him.
He came against persecution but never was defeated.
Walking in victory is fulfilling God's will for your life no matter what satan does.
Paul kept the heavenly vision.

Are you?