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| Author: Dele Oke

Breaking the stronghold of lust

Lust manifests itself in many ways. Most church leaders would acknowledge that lust is one of the greatest hindrances facing the church today. Many struggle with it themselves.

Whether it is the lure of pornography via the web or television. The constant battling with bad thoughts, the over indulgence in eating and drinking or the unserviceable desire to live beyond your means of income. Many of us struggle with lust in one way or another.

1. Observe yourself

the first step in breaking the stronghold of lust is acknowledging that you have a problem. Read James 1: 21 - 26. As human beings created in the image of God, we have the unique ability to observe ourselves. This is something no other creature of God can do. You can actually stand back, as it were, and observe your own thoughts, words and actions.

Look at yourself in the mirror of the Word. What do you see? Take time to observe your thoughts, actions and speech. Be honest with yourself. Judge yourself. This is the only way to avoid God's judgment on you.

2. Ask for the anointing of God

Only the power of God can break the hold of lust. Once you have honestly observed yourself, ask God to show you the right and wrong things in your life. It is possible to know right from wrong. Read Hebrews 5: 12-14.

The natural mind may see nothing wrong with lustful thoughts. But the spirit of God supported with the word of God will tell you better. See the life of Cain for more on evil thoughts. Sincerely ask God to break the power of evil thoughts. The stronghold behind lust is our thought life. Ask God to give you a deeper love for His Word and will. Let the love of God dictate your thought life and not the fleeting pleasures of lust.

3. Meditation and imagination

Know that you are not your habits. Bad habits (evil thoughts, e.t.c) are beamed into our minds by outside forces. They become ours when we entertain them, mediate on them and imagine the things they suggest. Start feeding yourself on godly things. Imagine yourself living free from the lustful thoughts and actions presently in your life. If you live in Europe or North America I am sure you can get access to Christian television.

This will tremendously help your imagination. Ask us if you need specific details about how to get Christian television in your house. Make it a daily habit to read the Word of God aloud to yourself everyday.

4. God has given you a will - use it

Romans 12: 1-3 asks us to renew or minds. This is possible when we bring our will in line with the will of God. After following the above three steps determine to agree with the leading of the Holy Spirit. The renewal of the mind is not done in a day. If the world and satan have been playing about with your mind for years they are not about to leave without a fight.

Put your hands on the plough and determine not to turn back. Human beings have been known to accomplish tremendous things with just their will power. How much more do you think you can accomplish with the Holy Spirit living inside you. God needs your will to agree with His if you are to succeed.

Some other helpful steps to follow are

5. Judge yourself regularly.

This is important if you are not to lapse back into old ways. Remember that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. (Philippians 4:13)

6. Make a regular habit of reading the word.

His word is the medicine that will set you free and keep you free. Take it like medicine. Regularly and in the right dosage. Set regular time aside each day.

7. If you are living alone make yourself accountable.

Fellowship is essential. Mankind was not designed to be an Island. Join a Bible study group. Start one if there is none already. See our web site for study material (

8. Flee all appearances of evil.

Not even tune into that TV channel to check how bad it is. All unholy web sites should never be visited. If you were struggling with drink you wouldn't have your lunch in a pub (or drink bar), so why visit unnecessary web sites.

9. Confess the word aloud.

This is essential especially in the early days (and through out your Christian walk). Regularly read the Word of God aloud to yourself. It will help bring your wandering mind back into check. Try Psalm 119. The whole chapter.

10. Only love can conquer lust.

Ask for a deeper love of God. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you with more of the love of God. This is the realm of prayer you should enter into. Many people spend hours pleading with God to break the hold of sin over their lives when they should really be asking Him to fill them with His love.

It takes seconds for God to break the power of sin. It takes time and effort for you to learn how to live free from sin.

11. Never underestimate the enemy

satan left Jesus for only a while after the temptations - Luke 4. keep your guard.

12. Do not neglect Christian fellowship.

13. Discern the activity of the demonic

- wandering thoughts are normally darts from the enemy. Give no room to the enemy. Entertain no bitterness or hurt. They will only leave your heart open to the enemy.

14. Find good anointed worship and music.

Take heed to what you hear. Don't just listen to any old junk. Much of the worldly music around today finds its inspiration from the pits of hell. Find good Christian music to listen to. Ask us for more details if you need to (

15. Lust is never satisfied.

Do not be deceived. It will sneak up on you and say - this one last time. The purpose of lust is to destroy you. Do not entertain it for one minute. It is never satisfied. It is like hell.

16. Become familiar with the power of the blood of Christ.

Check our web site for more details (

17. Find your purpose in life (calling)

The reason some people struggle with severe cases of lust is because they have not found or started operating in their gifts and callings. Many who are called to be teachers and ministers of God's Word and have tremendous power of imagination are concentrating their thoughts on ungodly things. Find your purpose and calling in life. Start seeing yourself as God sees you.

18. Change your friends and environment if they are part of the problem.

This might mean moving to a different place if you have many friends influencing you to go the wrong way.

19. Get quality material to read and listen to. Check our web site for good books and material to feed your mind on.

20. Put on the belt of truth (don't live a lie).

Read our article at

21. Ask for a fear of God.

22. Understand the purpose of all temptations.

They are to take you away from the love of God. Each temptation we fall to leaves the footprints of satan over our soul. Like footprints in the sand, they take time to fade away.

23. Develop a prayer life

For help on this see our prayer section