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| Author: Dele Oke

Praying for the church

With a little help from Philippians 4: 1-9 we develop some tips and prayer points. This will provide a systematic guide in praying for specific things in the church - whether it is your local church or the wider body of Christ.
verse by verse

1. Stand fast in the Lord

Pray that our brothers and sisters will be rooted and firm in their faith. Not blown about by every attack, false doctrine or sin that satan brings along.

2. Be of the same mind

Unity in the spirit is vital if we want to see God move. Pray that we will all have a similar desire to see God's will done in this area. Pray against satan's oldest tricks being used in our mist e.g hurts, anger, unforgiveness, offence.

3. Labour in the gospel

Let's pray for those who are already labouring in this vineyard. For God's strength and protection. Also pray that the Lord will send more labourers who will have a heart and desire to work in this locality.

4. Rejoice in the Lord

Pray for the spirit of thanksgiving and appreciation. We all need to be able to appreciate the goodness of God in our life if we are going to see more of His love.

5. Gentleness

Lets ask God for the fruit of the spirit. Spiritual growth changes character. Lets pray that the "bad things" our souls have picked up while in the world will be exposed and dealt with by the Holy Spirit in our individual lives.

6. Be anxious for nothing

Worry exalts the enemy, troubles the soul and weakens the body. Lets pray for a strong walk of faith in our individual. Our prayers should be mixed with thanksgiving. lives.

7. Guard our minds

A sound mind can comprehend the will of God. Pray for the people to have sound minds, free from the oppression that the lies of satan can bring.

8. Meditate on the Word

This is a command. Do it.

9. Being an example

Pray that your life will be an example to others.