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| Author: Dele Oke

Questions - Luke 2

The birth and childhood of Jesus

Luke Chapter two covers the period of twelve years. You won't notice if you don't pay attention to the details.

The ruler of the time ordered a census of all the people in his empire. Everyone was to register in his or her hometown. Joseph and Mary were no exception. They travelled to Bethlehem, Joseph's town, and unknowingly fulfilled prophecy (Micah 5:2)

Mary was heavy with child and this must have contributed to the time it took them to get to Bethlehem. Those who had arrived earlier had taken up all the decent accommodation. Mary and Joseph had to put up in the animals stable with only a manger (eating trough) to lay baby Jesus in.

What hardship Mary had been through. A tiresome journey in the late stage of pregnancy, and then having to give birth in a smelly animals stable.

She might have wondered why the angel never mentioned this in her earlier message (Luke 1: 28 - 35).

Have you ever been left wondering why God has not told you the whole story?
You are not alone.


  1. How did Joseph's trip to Bethlehem fulfil prophecy?
    Micah 5:2

  2. Do you think Mary might have been 'hoping' that the angels could have made 'accommodation arrangements' for them at Bethlehem?

  3. How do you cope when God fails to do what you have 'reasonably expected Him to do'?

  4. God sent three witnesses to testify to the birth of Jesus. Who were they?

  5. Have you ever been in a situation where God has told you something and then confirmed it through someone else?

  6. "The child became strong in spirit" Luke 2:40
    How can we become strong in spirit?

  7. How old was Jesus when His parents 'lost him'?

  8. Do you consider then careless for losing the saviour of the world?

  9. Have you ever lost anything precious?

  10. What does Luke 2:51 tell us about godly character?

  11. How can we develop godly character?

  12. Mention two things you have learnt from this study?