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| Author: Dele Oke

Questions - Luke 4 - 7

Divine healing

As we continue our study of Luke we shall begin to lay emphasis on the things that stood out in Jesus ministry - teaching, preaching and healing.

In order to gain a wider picture of the role of healing in Jesus ministry, this study will cover several chapters. The best way to approach this is to let each person in the group read a different scripture reference, especially in question one.

I encourage each person in the group to pay close attention to all the verses being read. Faith comes by hearing. As you listen to the different accounts of the healing ministry of Jesus they will produce faith in your heart.

We can all learn a tremendous amount simply by listening to the Word of God. In fact the following scriptures should come with a health warning - listening to someone reading the following Bible verses can cause divine health in your body.


1. What do the following verses have in common?
Luke 4: 38 - 39
Luke 4: 40 - 41
Luke 5: 12 - 16
Luke 5: 17 - 26
Luke 6: 6 - 11
Luke 6: 17 - 19

2. Make a list of all the actions the people (in the above verses) took in order to get healed?

3. Make a list of the different methods (or approach) Jesus took in ministering healing to the people?

4. In the verses read so far, did anyone get healed without asking or approaching Jesus? What do they tell us about divine healing?

5. In light of question four, can you mention any reason why we sometimes do not receive our healing today? James 4:2

6. Read Luke 7: 1- 10 before continuing the next questions?

7. Do you think the centurion believed that Jesus could heal his servant? Please mention the evidence you have for your answer.

8. How would our attitude and approach to sickness differ if we really believed that Jesus could heal us when we are sick?

9. Why is faith so important to our healing and how do we get faith?

10. How did the centurions understanding of authority help his faith?

11. Mention some of the things you have leant about divine healing in this study?