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| Author: Dele Oke

Introduction to the Whole armour of God

The bible exhorts us to put on the whole armour of God. Click here to read the bible reference.

This series is divided into the following sections

  1. The belt of truth
    Truth is the sincerity of the heart. Sincerity leads us to be open to God. It keeps our motives pure, devoid of malice and wickedness towards our fellow men.
    The belt of truth involves truth in two places; in our hearts and in our minds.

  2. Breatplate of righteousness
    The breastplate covers the chest. In our case the breastplate is made not of iron but of righteousness. A soldier with his breastplate on goes boldly into battle full of confidence. Righteousness allows us to stand before God, men and demons.

  3. Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of truth
    A spiritual shoe; something to aid our movement. This piece of armour is to aid our movement and defence and not our appearance.

  4. Shield of faith
    The shield moves with the attack. A skilled soldier can use the shield to hold back the darts of the enemy no matter the direction they come from. When the shield is down the other weapons are exposed.

  5. Helmet of salvation
    The hope of salvation is for the head. It covers our minds, intellect or reasoning. Hope has a very different meaning from what we use the word for in the normal sense of the word.

  6. Sword of the spirit
    A sword is an unmistakable weapon of offence. No doubt that it can also be used as a tool for defence. This however is no ordinary sword. This sword is made of the Spirit and the Word. In spiritual warfare the battles are fought with words.

  7. Questions for discussion
    These are ideal for group discussion or further individual meditation.

  8. Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit
    Some would say prayer is not part of the armour. It is a bit like asking what is the relevance of the driver to the car. One cannot go any where without the other. This section is still be developed. Meanwhile read our article on praying in the spirit.

  9. How to lead a bible study group
    This is an essential read for those who will be leading a bible study discussion group. These are useful guidelines on how to go about it. Click here for more.

  10. The holy spirit
    The Holy Spirit brings us into a new relationship with the father. It is the Holy Spirit who opens our eyes to see and receive the love of God. When we receive the love of God (i.e Jesus) we become born again; a new creation. This is the work of the Holy Spirit . Click here for more