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| Author: Dele Oke

Shunammite - Women of the Bible

2 Kings 4:8 - 37
The Shunammite woman was a wealthy and well respected person in the society. This is how the Bible described her.

In Deborah we saw a leader, in Hannah a prayerful woman, in Abigail an intelligent woman and the Shunammite a wealthy and well respected person in the society. This gives us a true picture of how the Bible views woman.

The Shunammite woman had a kind heart. Keeping your heart right, full of love and empty of bitterness is the secret of receiving from God.

The Shunammite woman used her kindness and wealth to entertain a prophet (2 Kings 4:8-10). She got blessed with a child because of her kindness. This was inline with God's promise (Matthew 10:41).

The Shunammite woman had three qualities that are essential in every woman of God.

The Shunammite woman's life teaches us important lessons about these three essential qualities.

Contentment (1 Timothy 6:1- 10)
When Elisha asked the woman what he could do for her she simply stated the fact that she was happy with what she had (2 King 4:11-13).

She was a wealthy woman and did have a lot to be happy about. We all have things we can thank God for. Keep your focus on the good things God has blessed you with. This is the secret of a happy and thankful heart. The Shunammite woman's thankful and gratitude of heart opened the door to more blessings in her life. Are you living a thankful life?

By being thankful of what God had given her instead of worrying about what she did not have the Shunammite woman was able to enjoy her present blessings to the full and receive even more.

An unthankful heart forsakes the present joys and blessings and concentrates (or worries) on what might not happen in the future. This is a poor way to live life, especially when you are serving such a kind and loving God.

A kind and compassionate heart (Romans 5:5)
The love of God is different from the love spoken about in the world. God's love in our heart constrains us to do the work of God.

Loving God means making room for His works and people. Elisha's work was aided by the Shunammite woman's kindness. Even Jesus was aided by the women who ministered to Him (Romans 8: 2-3). How are you allowing the love God has put in your heart to help his work and people. Women have always had a special place in ministering to Christ and his body.

It was in pouring out her love to God's prophet that the Shunammite woman received a blessing she did not even ask for.

Persistence (Luke 18: 1-6)
The devil and his cohorts will always try to rob you of the blessings of God. That is his self appointed task (John 10:10). Never settle for anything less than God has given you. Read the story of the Shunammite woman's persistence in bringing her child back to life (2 kings 4:8-37). She had a persistence that was not weakened by time.

A woman of God needs to be persistent. A time will come in all our lives when satan will attempt to steal something that God has decided to bless us with. This is the time to stand on God's word against the devil (Ephesians 6:13). The Holy Spirit within you will strengthen you to do this once you have set your heart to stand on God's Word.

1. How did the Shunammite woman show kindness to the prophet of God?
2. How can we show our love to the work and people of God?
3. How was the Shunammite woman's persistence in seek healing for her child demonstrated?
4. How can we persist in seeking God's face?
5. How did Elisha go about in raising the dead child?
6. What do you think he was doing as he walked up and down in the room (2 Kings 4:32-35)
7. What role does prayer play in holding unto the promises of God?