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| Author: Dele Oke

Joshua 2 - Rahab and Jericho

Matthew 1:5, Hebrews 11:31 and James 2:25 all shed more light on Rahab. Make sure you read these verses.

Start this study by debating the long-term consequences of Rahab's action. When you consider her background you will be able to appreciate how a simple act of faith can be so powerful. She believed the spies words and took great risks in protecting them. Consider what might have happened to her if the spies had been caught hiding in her house?

Make sure you read our introduction before starting the questions below
All the answers to the questions below can be found in chapter 2.


1. What was Rahab's occupation?

2. Why do you think the spies chose to stay in her place?

3. Why did she help the spies?

4. What have you heard (read or listened to) from the word of God recently that has encouraged and strengthened your faith?

5. Who else apart from herself was Rahab interested in saving? What does this tell you about Rahab?

6. Are you praying for the salvation of others?

7. What arrangement or promise did the spies make with Rahab? Can you explain Verse 19?

8. What do we have to do to remain under the protection of God? Psalm 91 verse 1