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The Book of Joshua

The book of Joshua gives us an excellent insight into understanding spiritual warfare and how to prosper in the will of God. Following are questions suitable for a bible study group discussion on Joshua.

Please read our revised notes on leading the studies and copyright notice.

  1. Overview of the book of Joshua
    After the death of Moses, Joshua took up the mantle of leadership of Israel. Moses had led the Israelites out of Egypt. Joshua was to lead them into the Promised Land.

  2. Joshua 1 - God's promise to Joshua
    Questions for discussion on Joshua chapter 1

  3. Joshua 2 - Rahab and Jericho

  4. Joshua 3 - 4 Crossing Jordan and memorial stones

  5. Joshua 5 - The angel of the Lord

  6. Joshua 6 - Victory of Jericho

  7. Joshua 7 - Achan and defeat at Ai
    Joshua hastily deplored some men to go and spy out Ai. After all that is what he had done with such success when taking Jericho. Why change something that works. There is no record of God being consulted.

  8. Joshua 8 - Victory at Ai
    Chapter 8 opens with a victorious voice. God was speaking. Joshua was given clear instructions on how to take the city of Ai. There was a very noticeable difference in the guidelines God put down in the taking of Ai from that of Jericho - Read Joshua 8:2

  9. Joshua 9 - Deception by Gibeonites
    The Gibeonites succeeded in getting Joshua to promise them no harm. They deceived Joshua into making a covenant with them.

  10. Joshua 10 - The Sun stand still
    Several nations in the land of Canaan had ganged up against them in protest to their alliance with Israel. War was imminent and defeat was almost certain. It was time to activate their covenant.