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| Author: Dele Oke

Joshua 10 - The Sun stand still


Gibeon had taken a risk when it deceived Joshua and Israel into thinking they had come from a far Country (Joshua 9).

Had they been caught they would have all been slaughtered right away.

Now another problem had arisen. Maybe one they had not anticipated. Several nations in the land of Canaan had ganged up against them in protest to their alliance with Israel. War was imminent and defeat was almost certain. It was time to activate their covenant with Israel (Joshua 9:15).

When we enter into covenant with God by receiving Jesus as our Lord we also receive the privilege of calling upon Him in time of trouble.

Joshua quickly assembled an army together and with God's Word backing him up, marched all through the night to arrive at Gibeon early the next morning. Joshua's army would have been tired by the time of battle and hence it should be no surprise that God intervened in the battle with hailstones. More died from hailstones than from the Joshua's army.

Joshua and his army needed more time to cut down the fleeing enemy. God provided more time by miraculously prolonging the daytime. This is a feat that will baffle the human mind. However we can learn an essential lesson from this.

Do you live a busy life? Does it seem like you could do with more time? Then put God first. You will discover that the sun takes longer to go down. God makes time for those who serve Him and put Him first in their life. As you seek the kingdom of God all other things (including time) will be added unto you. Tasks that used to take you hours will become shorter.

In this busy age of Internet speeds, we all need to put God first if we are to take back our authority over time.

Give God his rightful place in your life and time will be added to your life.

The Sun still stands still.


1. Why was Gibeon being attacked by a combination of five kings and their armies?

2. What gave Gibeon the confidence to call upon the help of Israel?

3. What gives you the confidence to call upon the help of God?

4. Why do you think Joshua hastily went to the defence of Gibeon?

5. What did God say to Joshua with regards to this battle?

6. Has God given you any promise with regards to something going on in your life before?

7. How did God intervene in the battle?

8. Can you give any example of how God has intervened supernaturally in your life before?

9. How can you explain the situation where the sun stood still?

10. Compare the other occasions in the bible where God has intervened with the sun?
Isaiah 38:1-10
Isaiah 60: 19-22
What does the seem to represent?

11. What can we learn from this?