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| Author: Dele Oke

Meditating on the Word - by questioning

"If then you were raised with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ is, sitting at the right hand of God. Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth." Colossians 3:1-2

The fall of mankind was triggered by a question. God's first respond to man was by a question.

When God asks a question it is never because he does not know the answer. Rather it is to get us to FOCUS on the answer. Questions focus the mind. The fastest way to bring your spirit, soul and body to focus on the Word of God is to ask yourself questions from the Word.

God Himself has used this approach several times. I'm sure He has also used it in your life. When God asks you a question it's because He wants to reveal something to you. When satan asks you a question it's to deceive you.

As Christians we can meditate on God's Word by asking ourselves questions from the Word. This will help you to "set your mind" on godly things. After reading the Word in the morning (or evening) discipline yourself to ponder on what you have read. Ask yourself what the bible means and attempt to answer the question. See our Bible Studies for some questions to aid you in this.

Call to remembrance what you read the day before. Remind yourself what you gained. Don't simply read the Word and put it down. Allow it to linger in your mind. Stop yourself from worrying about the day's activities and dwell on the word you have read instead.

It is a very healthy habit to mentally go over what you have read in the bible. This will open up the door for the Holy Spirit to bring you deeper insight to the word and will of God for your life.

Thoughts from satan can open the door to the demonic in ones life. In like manner the Word of God will fill our hearts with the life of God.

Take a look at the following questions that Jesus asked and see what they led to.

Some questions Jesus asked

  1. Matthew 16: 13-20
    Notice that Jesus asked Peter two simple questions. Peter's answer to the second question was actually a revelation from God. Peter was not aware that God had revealed the answer to him until Jesus explained it to him. How many times has God himself dropped godly thoughts into your mind while you were meditating on the Word? Many times we are not even aware of it.

    As we meditate on God's Word and ask ourselves what it means we give the Holy Spirit the oppertunity to reveal things to us. See our bible studies for some questions to help you in meditating on the Word.

  2. Matthew 17: 24-27
    Jesus question was in anticipation of Peter's need. A miracle followed the question. When we FOCUS on God's Word we receive the anointing that meets our needs.

    Questioning God's Word with a desire to know more about God's Word opens us up to revelation from God.

  3. Matthew 21: 23-27
    Jesus question exposed the deception of the hearts of the chief priests. When we sincerely answer the questions from God's Word we will see our lives and ourselves as God sees us (James 1: 21-27). Only God's Word can touch us in a personal way like nothing else can.
    Always apply the Word to yourself first and not others.

  4. Luke 24: 13-35
    Jesus questions helped open the eyes of those confused but sincere disciples to receive a clear revelation of Christ. Meditation is holding unto God's Word and pressing into the things of God. Treasures are never on the surface.

You have to dig deep (Luke 6: 46 -49). As we FOCUS on God's Word but pondering over the questions in the bible we put ourselves in a position to receive the light of God's will.

Notice the new strength the disciples received once their eyes were opened to Christ - Luke 24: 31 -35. This was all a result of Christ's questions.

They constrained Jesus to stay with them - Luke 24: 28-20

Their eyes were opened when the bread was broken - Luke 24: 30-31

This is exactly what meditating on God's Word does.

Take time to ponder God's Word if you desire to learn more about Him. Anwering questions from the Word is a powerful way to do this.

Ponder on some of the questions that God has asked people in the Bible.

  1. Where are you? Genesis 3:9

  2. Who told you that you were naked? Genesis 3;11

  3. Have you eaten from the tree which I commanded you not to eat? Genesis 3:11

  4. Why are you angry? Genesis 4:6

  5. Where is Abel your brother ? Genesis 4:9

  6. Where is Sarah your wife? Genesis 18:9

  7. Why did Sarah laugh? Genesis 18:13

  8. What is your name? Genesis 32:27, Genesis 32:30

  9. What is in your hand? Exodus 4:2

Notice the things that happened after these questions were answered (or ignored) by the people.