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| Author: Dele Oke

Joshua 3 - 4 Crossing Jordan and memorial stones

Please read the introduction and chapters 3 - 4 before starting the questions.


Israel crosses Jordan
1. Do you see any connection between Joshua 3:13-16 and Joshua 1:3?
2. What does Chapter 3:15 - 17 tell us about walking by faith?
3. Can you give any examples of when you stepped out by faith?
4. What gave the priests the confidence to dip their feet in the water? (Verse 8)
5. What should be the basis of our faith?

Memorial Stones
6. What was the reason for taking the stones out of the river? Chapter 4:2-8
7. Can you list some of the exciting and good things God has done in your life?
8. How do you keep remembrance of the good things God has done in your life?
9. What happens when we forget the goodness of God?